Wohl Diversified Services is the leading installer of high, medium and low density passive fire protection.

We have extensive experience with all fireproofing products on the market and pride ourselves on being one of the only contractors to spray unique and speciality spaces, while achieving any specification and/or rating you require.

We are proud members and accredited contractors of the National Fireproofing Contractors Association and remain on the cutting edge of the industry.

Wohl Diversified Services are the preferred installer of the below brands. To learn more about each product click the logos below.

WOHL DIVERSIFIED fireproofed the WORLD FAMOUS Vivian Beaumont Theater at Lincoln Center  (products used were: Cafco 400 & Sprayfilm WB5) 

WOHL DIVERSIFIED Services are proud to be apart of the reconstruction of the World trade center site including the memorial pools, museum, transportation hub and surrounding towers.

Additional fire related services we provide include:


A firestop is a passive fire protection system of various components used to seal openings and restore the fire-resistance ratings of wall and/or floor assemblies. 



An intumescent is a substance that swells as a result of heat exposure, thus increasing in volume and decreasing in density. Intumescents are used to achieve passive fire protection for such applications as firestopping, fireproofing, gasketing and window casings. Such applications are relevant for buildings, offshore constructions, ships and aircraft.


Wohl Diversified Services is certified by the FDNY to provide flameproofing services

Flameproofing is the process of treating materials so that they will not support combustion. Cellulosic materials such as paper, fiberboard, textiles, and wood can be treated to retard the spreading of fire and to be self-extinguishing after the lighting condition has been removed.