Wohl Diversified Services are involved with a number of professional organizations within the industry, including serving on the board of directors of the National Fireproofing Contractors Association (NFCA).The association develops both standardized practices for the fireproofing installation industry.

The NFCA is in the process of creating a certified fireproofing contractor program that seeks to create a level playing field for all spray fireproofing contractors by setting standards of design responsibility and quality control. Wohl has completed the first level towards certification by having passed the UL Designated Responsible Individual exam.

Each year, Wohl leads a six-credit continuing education credit course approved by the American Association of Architects.

The training course, provided by the Plaster and Spray Fireproofing Contractors of Greater New York Industry Advancement Program fund, instructs architects about spray fireproofing, spray acoustic, acoustic plaster and spray insulation.

Wohl also serves as Vice President of the Plaster and Spray Fireproofing Contractors of Greater New York, a union association, and is a member of the apprenticeship training board for the Local 79 Mason Tenders Union and a board member of the Building Contractors Association of Westchester and Putnam.